How to solve iOS update problems

How to solve iOS update problems: how to downgrade iOS 13 beta to iOS 12 and solve all your issues

In these days, it seems like an almost impossible thing to live a life away from technology. Multiple devices have been always evolving to become more handy and useful to our daily life. Apple is a company that has well understood this and they provide us with magnificent leading-edge devices. iPhones are among the favorite devices of customers all around the world, and this is a trend that seems to keep on growing every single day. However, technology field is in a continuous improving cycle and updates do not stop arriving to our devices. This is great! As customers, we have always a top performing device or maybe… we don’t. Well, sometimes these updates can cause some issues that took our loyal device away from us. What can be worst that being in the middle of an emergency and our iPhone screen goes black? Or maybe, it does not even turn on? In cases like this, prevention is the key, but even if it is too late for that, we can always choose an iOS system recovery tool and try to get things back together with the best ones in the field: Dr. Fone!

Downgrade iOS 13 beta

It is true that the first thought about it could be: “Let’s try by ourselves!” In the end, it is also true that as customers we can update iOS without any assistance directly from the device in our hands. Why should not this work if we try to go back? Well, in the first place: if our iPhone is not properly working, we probably will lose control in a few minutes and will try everything, instead of looking for the right solution. This, assuming the best scenario, as it is possible too that our iPhone does not even turn on. The iOS update problems vary from problems with Siri, the 3D Touch or the different apps or connectivity features to… the most feared interface lag, black screen or the device that does not even start, in the worst cases. We can try the magical solution in the IT field: restart the device, and then restart the update, and hope this could solve the issue. But, if this does not work, we have to look for professional help to downgrade iOS to a version good for us.

iOS update problems: everything has a solution if we know where to look for it!

In addition to the issues we have mentioned so far, iOS updates can generate several error messages. Error 9, error 14, error 56, error 4005 and error 4013 are the most frequent when it comes to iOS update issues. In other occasions, the iPhone got stuck in the Apple logo, or in a white screen, or in a black one… or maybe it got stuck in a reboot loop that does not allow us to try anything! 

Why choose Dr.Fone

The natural question is: ‘how to fix it?’ in all cases. And we have the answer! Even better, we have more than one answer. The first one is to take the safe and official road and use iTunes to perform a restore. If we have been careful with our media content, our contacts info and we have a backup of everything, we can try this one. But, sometimes we are not prepared for emergency situations like this, and other times also iTunes can crash or give serious troubles. This is the reason why some customers want a specialized tool as the one we have mentioned before from Dr. Fone, as it allows to fix just the iOS, without compromising a bit of data. No data loss, no jailbreak needed, no iTunes troubles… that simple!

iOS update problems

Simple. An essential word. All the tools of Dr. Fone (Recover, Backup & Restore, Transfer) have one thing in common: simplicity! With a good internet connection, and knowing just the iOS version we want to restore, we can take this tools to downgrade our iOS and keep our data intact. We don’t need to worry about these glitches or go to the store to solve them. Enjoying the Apple experience with our devices is as simple as downloading and running the tool. So far, millions of people and businesses think this way and thank Dr. Fone for that! 

Downgrade iOS 13 beta to iOS 12

Why don’t you take control of the situation with your iPhone and become the NEXT? iPhone update problems can be now a problem of the past with this kind of solutions. iOS 13 beta does not work for you? Just downgrade to iOS 12 in a safe and guaranteed way. Just download the app, use it without needing a great technical background, and recover your loyal friend after a while. With tools like this one, it is just as simple as that!

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